Geospatial technology is an indispensable tool for many modern industries. With applications in construction, real estate, agriculture, city planning, public health and safety, and more, the diverse capabilities of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a subset of Geospatial technology, enables them to meet a wide range of business needs. However, GIS relies heavily on the underlying data that supports it, and gathering that data can be burdensome. We are witnessing wide-spread application of drones to gather these useful data. Surveying with a drone offers enormous potential to GIS professionals.

Recently, the Survey of India has obtained DGCA approval for high definition aerial mapping of villages in India using drones. The application of drones will be a part of the SVAMITVA scheme of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.  Under the scheme, a target of mapping over 6.6 lakh villages by Dec 2024 has been set.

In this context, ATFI conducted the webinar titled “UAV Technologies in Geospatial Mapping” in partnership with Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) to discuss the Draft UAS Rules 2020, on 30th June 2020.