Aviation Technology Forum Of India​


Aims to connect users, organizations and government on emerging technologies in the aviation industry by promoting their application and advancing policies that encourage innovation and socio-economic growth of the aviation sector.


Articulate through dialogue the needs, concerns and interests of the industry and its members for the creation of a conducive policy framework and legislative ecosystem that fosters innovation, safety, economic growth and social development.

Aviation Technology Forum of India (ATFI) is an organization comprising of industry and non-industry players in the aviation sector. With an aim to promote innovation, safety, economic growth and social development in the aviation sector, ATFI will work closely with the members and policy makers to facilitate sharing of best practices and promotion of a conducive policy and legislative ecosystem while advancing the interests of its members.


  1. Create awareness on emerging aviation technologies having socio-economic impact on the sector
  2. Develop conducive policy ecosystem for emerging aviation technologies while ensuring adoptability, safety and affordability
  3. Develop views and recommendations on future aviation strategies where appropriate
  4. Promote global best practices and use cases of emerging aviation technologies
  5. Create network of industry, government, academia, consumer groups etc. to foster business growth of the aviation sector
  6. Provide mentorship support for nurturing innovation in aviation technology
  7. Take cognizance of the concerns of the industry, build consensus and act as the industry voice for all advocacy purposes
  8. Co-operate with other organizations having similar objectives;
  9. Publish and disseminate aviation technology related information
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