Aviation Technology Forum Of India​


Aims to connect users, organizations and government on emerging technologies in the aviation industry by promoting their application and advancing policies that encourage innovation and socio-economic growth of the aviation sector.


Articulate through dialogue the needs, concerns and interests of the industry and its members for the creation of a conducive policy framework and legislative ecosystem that fosters innovation, safety, economic growth and social development.

Aviation Technology Forum of India (ATFI) is an organization comprising of industry and non-industry players in the aviation sector. With an aim to promote innovation, safety, economic growth and social development in the aviation sector, ATFI will work closely with the members and policy makers to facilitate sharing of best practices and promotion of a conducive policy and legislative ecosystem while advancing the interests of its members.


  1. Create awareness of and promote emerging aviation technologies having socio-economic impact on the sector
  2. Develop conducive policy ecosystem geared towards international harmonization of polices for emerging aviation technologies while ensuring adoptability, safety and affordability
  3. Promote global best practices and use cases of emerging aviation technologies
  4. Create a network of industry, government, academia, consumer groups etc. to foster business growth of the aviation sector by taking cognizance of the concerns of the industry and acting as the industry voice for all advocacy purposes
  5. Cultivate fairness and equality through the promotion of an open and competitive market
  6. Co-operate with other organizations having similar objectives
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News Updates

Centre allows use of drones to control locusts

Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), in a significant decision for the drone industry, has issued an order today granting ‘Conditional ...
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Drones to the rescue

ATFI Chief Advisor Dr. Lalit Gupta and Coordinator Nandita Pegu opines that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  are a boon to ...
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Covid-19 responses show need to revisit India’s drone policy

ATFI Convenor Anup Sharma and Aviation Consultant Satyendra Pandey share their views on how drones could be integrated into emergency ...
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‘Technology to the rescue: How drones are helping in Covid-19 response’ Webinar

As the world continues to grapple with the challenge of containing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and subsequently minimizing its ...
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Economic Stimulus: Case of Glass Half Full or Half Empty for General Aviation MRO

There has been severe setback to the aviation industry during the lockdowns and suspension of flights due to COVID-19 pandemic ...
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Effect of Lockdown on Ground Handling and MRO Industry Associated with General Aviation

The Aviation sector in India has been one of the fastest growing sectors during the last decade. Its contribution to the GDP ...
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